Jin Xuan Oolong Black Tea

Smooth yet rich, milky aroma, and sweet honey

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Tea Types TTES #12

JinXuan Black Tea

Early Summer. Shizhuo, 1,300 Meters above Sea Level

When we visited Shizhuo last winter, the tea farmers urged us to come back in the summer for a taste of the tea garden’s JinXuan Black Tea. With confidence, they said their black tea is as good – if not better – as the internationally famous Ruby Black Tea (TTES #18).

In July we arrived in Shizhuo again. It was only then we witnessed how the third generation tea master earned his high reputation in tea-making. The precise timing of the fermentation, the cautiousness and consideration putting into each step of tea making…That is why JinXuan Black Tea tastes smooth yet rich, and of course with a milky aroma. Hot or cold brew, it provides tea lovers an indescribable feeling of satisfaction.

If you enjoy the taste of black tea, make sure you try our signature Alishan JinXuan Black Tea. You will not be disappointed by the quality of Taiwan alpine tea.